Building inspections require training, general construction knowledge and special communication skills that are substantially different from those required of other building professionals.

We are generalists with an extensive knowledge of the important elements and systems of a building.

  • Residential, multi-housing and commercial
  • Written report with digital photos
  • Professional liability insurance (errors and omissions)

You need an inspection?

As a provider of building inspection services and design for the realization of your construction projects, you can count on our expertise in the field for your needs.

Inspection de batiment


The pre-purchase inspection, aims to buy knowingly and to negotiate well prepared! It allows you to plan the repairs required if the purchase is made. This inspection identifies visually the deficiencies and irregularities arising from normal degradation or construction defects. It includes a comprehensive written report describing the condition of the main components of the property at the time of the transaction. An important document in case of problems when taking possession.

  • Why ?

    • To buy in full knowledge of the facts.
    • To negotiate well prepared.
    • To plan improvements.


Pre-sales inspection identifies the visual deficiencies arising from degradation or construction defects. Here, however, the inspection report recommends repairs to be carried out before the sale, in order to better position your property on the market. A useful tool for your transaction and even for your buyer. The Civil Code of Quebec requires the owner to guarantee the quality of the property sold. As an owner of a building you are about to sell, you may limit this liability by disclosing to the buyer any defects or problems that you know that may affect your property. In order to better protect you against the possible continuation of the future purchaser of your property, it is in your best interests to make an inspection as complete and detailed as possible of all the elements that will enable the buyer to make a proper technical evaluation of the property. building.

  • Why ?

    • To identify the deficiencies.

    • For repairs to be performed.

    • To sell well prepared.

Inspection de batiment
Inspection de batiment


The inspection during construction permits to check the work in progress of a new construction. It includes a visual inspection of all components of the building and a detailed written report setting out the work already completed. The purpose of this inspection is to verify that construction is in accordance with good engineering practice and to identify problems, if any. When the inspection is carried out at critical stages of construction, it becomes advantageous since it often allows to identify defects in construction and to correct them before the work is completed.

  • Why ?

    • To check the quality of the work in progress.

    • To identify problems.

    • To reduce the risk of construction defects.



Preventive inspection allows you to identify and plan the work required at your residence. It includes a visual verification of all the components of the property and a detailed written report setting out the solutions to be prioritized in the short and medium term.

  • Why ?

    • To check the condition of a particular item.

    • To identify the cause of the problem.

    • To recommend solutions.

    • To plan the work to be done in the short, medium and long term.

Inspection de batiment
Inspection de batiment


Pre-acceptance inspection identifies the list of work to be corrected and completed according to construction standards when a building is delivered by the general contractor and completes the form for the warranty plan. It includes a visual check of all building components and a detailed written report with photographs.


  • Why ?

    • To identify construction defects during delivery or within the notice of completion of work.

    • To fill out the form for the receipt of the guarantee plan.


This service is offered for all requests concerning a specific problem to be appraised and checked on a building or advice for new construction works and / or renovations. Visual inspection and testing with instruments to support our diagnostics (eg infrared thermal imaging camera, hygrometer, etc.) can be performed during the performance of this service. The professional then provides a verbal report to the client and can also provide a written report upon request with additional fees.

  • Why ?

    • To make a diagnosis and identify the causes of a problem affecting the building (ex: water or moisture infiltrations, cracks, deformations, ice formations and condensation, etc.).

    • To perform a legal expertise in hidden vice.

    • To issue a certificate at the insurers' request.

    • To recommend solutions.

Inspection de batiment
Inspection de batiment


Our training in architecture technology and public works as well as our experience on site and expertise of pathologies of the building makes it possible to produce plans and specifications for your projects of new constructions or renovations.

  • Why ?

    • Design the construction or renovation of the building (examples: new house, renovation, extension (garage, 2nd floor, solarium), restoration, etc.) (click on the link below to see samples of architectural projects).

    • Obtain a building permit and tenders to determine project costs.

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